Football tournaments organized by FA “Žalgirietis”

Pergale-FA-ZalgirietisFootball Academy “Žalgirietis” pays great attention to the organization of high-level international children’s football tournaments in order to consolidate footballers’ skills acquired during their trainings.

Teams of representatives from Lithuania and other European countries participate in football tournaments organized by the academy and its partners. Every year, over 500 children of different age from Lithuania and neighboring countries participate in the traditional children’s football tournament “Vilnius Cup”. No fewer participants are planned to participate in the international children’s football tournament “Žalgirietis Cup” in 2016.

These football tournaments take place in one of the most modern stadiums of Vilnius – the stadium of Senvagė gymnasium. It features a very high quality artificial coating. Also the program on leisure activities is organized for the tournament participants; there is an opportunity to visit the most famous historical and entertainment places of Vilnius.

Come to the tournaments organized by “Žalgirietis” academy and feel the atmosphere of a real football festival!

Partners & sponsors

Developers of a real estate project “Žalgirio namai”, the company named “NT investicijų sprendimai”, has become one of the sponsors and partners of “Žalgirietis” academy in terms of marketing. Thank you for your trust!

The contest of a football fan of the most original appearance

Futbolo sirgaliaus iliustracijaWe announce the contest of a football fan of the most original appearance!

Come to support our tournament participants dressed as unique as possible, take a picture of yourself and send it to the tournament organizers by e-mail with „Fan” written in the subject field. Don‘t forget to indicate your name and contact phone number.

Great prizes prepared by the organizers are waiting for the most originally dressed fan!


„Senvagės“ stadionas, 24-10-2015, Elitinė lyga (U 17)
FA „Žalgirietis“ – FM „Ateitis“

Latest results

Schedules and age groups of tournaments “Vilnius Cup 2016”:

2005 (U12) – 2017 September 8-10
2006 (U11) – 2017 September 8-10
2007 (U10) – 2017 September 8-10
2008 (U9) – 2017 September 8-10
2009 (U8) – 2017 September 8-10

Latest results, tournament “Vilnius Cup”, 06-09-2015

Age group U13 (2003), final tournament for 1-3 places:
Podlaskie province selection (Poland) – FS “Baltai” (Klaipėda) 4:1
Podlaskie province selection (Poland) – BFA (Vilnius) 3:0
BFA (Vilnius)-FS “Baltai” (Klaipėda) 0:0.

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